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Sunday, February 02, 2014

My website has finally launched!

 I'm so excited to announce that I finally have a website! Check it out:

Monday, January 27, 2014

It's been a loooooooong time coming!

So.  Let me explain…  I had another baby and lost touch with that part of the world that didn't have anything to do with sleep training, potty training, breast feeding, diapering, and the like.  But mama's back! Since, well, 2012 (has it been 2 whole years?!) I've kept busy with makeup, mostly weddings, which I love.  There's just something about meeting a bride for the first time, months before her wedding, excited, nervous, anxious.  Planning the most important day in her life down to the font she will use on her printed matchbooks.  Fast forward a few months to the morning of her wedding.  The happiness and anxiety is almost palpable.  I love being able to experience the wedding morning excitement with so many different brides and bridesmaids.  Each bridal party has a unique feel.  There's the "OMG today's the day! I cannot wait to walk down that aisle because it means that I can soon take off these heals, slip on some bejewelled flip flops, and hit the dance floor with my husband!" bride. This bride has Mimosas flowing and makes sure the limo has a fully stocked cooler.  Always a good time with these girls.  Then there's the "Don't talk to the bride, she puked twice already because she's so anxious" bride.  Enya is playing in the background, Camomile tea is on tap, and I wait patiently for said bride to finish her morning meditation to get started on her face.  It's nice and Zen, and I definitely won't be needing my Tylenol for this one.  It wouldn't be right for me to leave out the "I'll get my makeup started at 9:27 so that 90% of it can be done by 10:06, that way when the photographer starts the getting-ready-shots, all you have to do is a little blush and my lips.  I'll start the timer just in case" bride.  This ├╝ber organized bride has everything coordinated and may or may not be walking around with a head piece right up until she walks down the aisle.  I know for sure when she says we'll be finished by 11:30 I won't be late for my 12:00 bootcamp class (pffft… let's be real).

Whichever bride you are, will be, or were, your wedding morning is what you make of it.  What I love the most is that the minute a bride sits in my chair, the first thing she does is takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and leaves the rest up to me!

Here's to all my 2014 brides and bridesmaids!  Can't wait to experience your wedding morning with you!


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